The Student Cluster Competition is an amazing way to teach students about High Performace Computing (HPC), Parallel Computing and Scientific Computing. Here at Supercomputing Group our mission is not only to support research faculty at the University but also to support students. The cluster competition is one way we do that.

Our team are continually preparing and aiming for the top-tier student competitions. Following is some of competitions we interested in.

1. ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge

The ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge is the world’s largest student supercomputer competition, sponsored and organized by Asia Supercomputer Community in China and supported by Asian, European, and American experts and institutions. The main objectives of ASC are to encourage exchange and training of young supercomputing talent from different countries, improve supercomputing applications and R&D capacity, boost the development of supercomputing, and promote technical and industrial innovation. The annual ASC Supercomputer Challenge was first held in 2012 and has since attracted over 7,000 undergraduates from all over the world. Learn more ASC at

2. ISC Student Cluster Competition

The ISC-HPCAC Student Cluster Competition (SCC) encourages international teams of university students to showcase their expertise in a friendly yet spirited competition that fosters critical skills, professional relationships, competitive spirit and lifelong comraderies. An integral part of the ISC High Performance Conference and Exhibition the SCC will be held on June 17-19 in Frankfurt Germany.

3. SC Student Cluster Competition

The Student Cluster Competition (SCC) was developed in 2007 to provide an immersive high performance computing experience to undergraduate and high school students. With sponsorship from hardware and software vendor partners, student teams design and build small clusters, learn scientific applications, apply optimization techniques for their chosen architectures, and compete in a nonstop, 48-hour challenge at the SC conference to complete a real-world scientific workload, showing off their HPC knowledge for conference attendees and judges.

4. National Student Computer System Capability Challenge

National Student Computer System Capability Challenge was initialed in 2016 and encourage students to showcase their expertise in computer systems and architecture. To get more info about this competition, check